Net Neutrality

A while ago, I sent out one of my soap box mass emails to a lot of people letting everyone know that congress is considering of doing away with internet neutrality.  This means that big companies like Time Warner, Comcast, Sprint, and AT&T don’t want the internet to be neutral anymore.  They want to control the internet and the internet sites you are currently seeing for free.  The companies I listed above are offering television, internet, and phone services.  Other companies like Vonage and eBay’s Skype are offering phone service that basically piggybacks on top of Time Warner, Comcast, Sprint, and AT&T’s internet service.  Get this – Skype is offering FREE long distance computer to phone service for the rest of year!  That is long distance to anywhere in the world folks!  FREE!  I’ve seen phones in the store, such as at Wal-Mart, made for the Skype service.  A USB port from the phone connects directly to your desktop.  The big media companies don’t like it.  These companies are lobbying hard with senators, like Alaska’s Senator Ted Stevens, to make internets sites, such as Skype, pay big $ to the media giants.  What does this mean?  If you have Time Warner internet service, you may no longer be able to make internet calls.  You may not even be able to watch your favorite videos on YouTube, buy that latest gizmo from eBay, and even look at the latest photos of your kids on Yahoo.  Time Warner may make you pay a fee to them for use of those services or they may just block them with a firewall.  Companies like Time Warner, Comcast, and AT&T may also end up only letting you use their own branded services unless the smaller internet websites you want to visit pay a fee to them.  Tiny websites, such as mine, may even be required to pay a fee in order to let you visit.  The internet was not created to be used this way.  Nope.  No way.  One of the best things our government did when the internet was created was to make it neutral.  We should fight to keep it this way.

Recently on the Jon Stewart Show, Jon Stewart questioned the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation chairman Senator Ted Stevens’ grasp of the Internet, calling into doubt the telecommunications legislation that bears the Senator’s signature.  The footage below you are going to see is funny, but really scary.  Wouldn’t you think he would have a better grasp of how the internet works?  After watching, please go visit Save the and learn more.  There is also an online petition you can sign.

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