What the devil is going on here?

You know, I am not one to cry wolf.  The more I read and see statements regarding the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), the more I get worried.  What does this really mean?  The rational part of me says nothing.  It is just an economic plan for better trade.  You can read a lot of crazy stuff on the internet from people who really do cry wolf and believe some kind of Coup d’état is in our midst.  These same people may also believe an outbreak of pandemic bird flu could be used to effectuate a coup and hurry in the proposed trilateral government framework as planned with the SPP.  I do not believe this.  However, I do tend to think something is going on.  Why doesn’t the mainstream press really concentrate on this?  The Canadian government has a website with the header Canada’s New Government and a photo of the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper smiling.  Weird!

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