My Action Packed Weekend!

This past weekend came and went so fast!  Friday started out with some excitement, at least for the boys.  Around 6:00 pm the power went out due to a big storm.  There were so many questions from two little people.  Are we okay?  Is the house going to flood?  Do the neighbors have power?  It also became hard trying to tell my boys the televisions would not work because the power is out.  Usually, when the power does go out, it can be a nice quiet and relaxing time.  Open the windows to let a breeze flow through the house, light some candles, and maybe catch up on some reading or much needed sleep.  However, in my house, Carolyn and I have to keep one of the boys from falling out of a window, make sure a fire doesn’t start from the boys curiosity with the candles, constantly ask if Liam is okay when a crack of lightning and the resulting boom of thunder scares him, find a missing flashlight, and keep the refrigerator doors shut.  Eventually, we did all lie down and watched the Disney movie Chicken Little on our teeny, tiny portable DVD player.  I soon had to go to bed and I left Carolyn lying on the playroom floor past out from exhaustion with both boys beside her.  They were all covered up with a blanket and the DVD player lay on top of Carolyn’s stomach.  After two hours, the battery ran out, everyone was asleep, and everything was dark and quiet…until 10:30 pm when the power returned.  All the lights and the television downstairs came on.  Fun.

Liam had another baseball game on Saturday.  Sadly, he team lost a second time.  Later that morning, I played at the neighborhood the pool with the boys while Carolyn went grocery shopping.

Sunday, we were awakened at 8:30 am by our neighbors from down the street.  They called us and said, “We’re going to Golden Corral for breakfast lets go!  Carolyn came rushing into the bedroom thinking it was an emergency.  She had slept with Garrett after he got her up during the night.  I gave the phone to Carolyn and soon she was looking out the window.  The same neighbors on the phone were sitting outside in their Jeep with both of their kids waving at us.  They said they haven’t taken showers yet and want to get something to eat and were not leaving without us.  If we didn’t come, they were going to start beeping their horn.  Well, we quickly go dressed and jumped into our van and ended up at McDonald’s instead.  Crazy.


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