You know, sometimes being bored can lead to really neat discoveries. Kind of like cleaning out the closet and finding a favorite worn copy of a paperback novel. I kind of have some down time here at Lenovo today and, for some reason, I was thinking about ECU (East Carolina University) and dorm life. I guess maybe it is because I am pushing 40 and I just read a USA Today article about how Adam Sandler is starting to do more mature movie roles. I starting thinking about my dorm friends and wondering what they are up too. I remembered a friend of mine named Fred Champion. My wife, Carolyn, and I, from time to time, talk about Fred and his old roommate, Greg, and wonder what the hell they are up to. I did recall that Fred is running the CD Alley in Wilmington, NC and also remembered that he started a band called Glow in the Dark Scars. I could not, and still find it hard to, believe that little shy Fred is the frontman of a band. Today, I just did a Google search and found all kinds of stuff about the Glow in the Dark Scars. Wow. I’m really proud of him! Fred and I once rode to Chapel Hill during our ECU years to see Frank Black, of the Pixies, perform his songs at the Cat’s Cradle. We talked about how cool it would be to start a band. Fred did it. You know what? He’s pretty good.


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