Random thoughts…

I'm on my lunch break at work. 

I really enjoy renting DVDs through the mail.  My favorite company is Blockbuster.  Rent all you want with no late fees.  Basic membership per month is $9.99 which turns out to become $10.69 with tax added on.  You also get two free rental coupons in your email for using at a Blockbuster store.  Hey!  I just went to the site and saw that there is a cheaper subscription rate.  $7.99 for renting only 3 movies a month.  No late fees.  Includes the two free rental coupons.  So you really would be getting 5 movies a month.  This is cheaper than renting three movies at the store.  Perfect for me.  I'm changing my monthly plan.

Liam has started playing baseball or T-ball.  He is actually much better doing this than he was playing basketball.  Poor thing is really tired when we go to practice since he is in summer camp at the Greensboro Day School all day.

Garrett is also going to the summer program at Greensboro Day School.  He is doing really well!  Gosh, he is growing up so fast!

My lovely family found a local lawn service company to come and cut our grass the rest of the summer for my Father's Day present!  Wow!  I guess I can throw out the weed eater that doesn't really work and maybe get the lawn mower serviced and cleaned up.  Too nice.

That's all for now.


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