It has been awhile…

Hello there!  I don't if anyone has been reading my posts.  As you can see, I have not written in a long time.  A lot has happened.  My consulting job at AON Consulting ended this past February.  I immediately became a Mr. Mom again.  While at home, I spent my time taking care of Garrett and looking for job.  I eventually found a job that seems to be working out for me. 

I have started working for a new consulting company called Insight Global on 5/22.  The contract is a 1-year renewable contract at Lenovo, a Chinese owned computer company, in RTP, NC. Lenovo basically bought out IBM's laptop and desktop division.  As a result, they have become the 3rd largest computer manufacturer in the U.S.  My job is to help edit / update the end user guides, fliers, etc. for the computer peripherals such as the hard drive, web cam, keyboard, mouse, and so on. The company is currently in the process of seperating themselves from IBM.  A new world headquarters is being built in Morrisville, NC. 

This is my second week of my contract.  So far the new gig is working out.  Lenovo is about 64 miles from my driveway and it takes me about 55 minutes to get there.  Not bad.  I just wish the gas prices were lower. 


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