My Swollen Uvula

Sounds dirty doesn’t it?  Sadly, it’s not.  So many possible uvual jokes are going through my head right now.  I’ve had a sinus infection going on for the past two days.  Last night I went to bed really exhausted.  I woke up later with a dry, scratchy throat and what felt lots of mucus in the back of my mouth.  I instantly knew what was going on.  I had a swollen uvula.  What is an uvula?  Basically, it is the piece of skin that hangs down in the back of your throat.

The first time I ever had a problem with my uvula was about three years ago.  I went to the doctor and spent a lot of time and $ just to have him say I had a sinus infection.  The drainage is causing the uvula to swell.  This time, I’m just going to take it easy and drink lots of liquids and take my allergy medicine.  When I get home, I will do what my mom has always suggested and that is gargle with some warm salt water.

Yes, I’m at work this morning.  I feel crappy.  Oh well.


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