Should I get a Sirius satellite radio and subscription?

Thinking about getting a Sirius satellite radio and subscription so I can listen to Howard Stern starting in January.  Circuit City has a really cool SIRIUS Portable Satellite Radio Receiver (S50TK1).  It’s kind of like an MP3 player in that it can record music and live radio off the satellite.  It comes with a car base to set it in and plays off your FM radio.  You have to buy another docking station for the home.  Total cost is $279.00 after a $50 rebate.  Hmm.  The cheaper option would be just a basic receiver for the car that can be set up on the dash.  The cost, with rebates, gets down to $19!  The subscription cost for Sirius is around $12.50 a month.  If I were to get this, I would have to cancel some of the pay cable channels.  Is Howard Stern worth it?  Again, hmm. 


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